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Micro Apps/Bots

We are in the midst of a revolution: the new medium for customer interaction is bots.  Between the precipitous emergence of IOT and the takeover of chat bots, AI, home automation and smart devices, we are your go to shop to get your business in position to capitalize on this new wave of tech.  Contact us for more info.

Angular 2/4

The only bad thing about angular is the versioning 😉  If you’re going to build great applications, why not use the fastest, best of breed technology?

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Enterprise/Full Stack

We know a thing or two about full stack enterprise applications development, management and ALM

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Maybe you already have good developers but are struggling with your ALM?  We are passionate about applying our specific brand of Agile Scrum, metrics driven ALM.

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Of course you need good design with anything you want to take to market.  We are pretty good at design.  Check out a few snaps from our portfolio.

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We blog all the time and understand how to move people and ideas with social media.  We can help you too.

Monthly support plans start at $2k.

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